Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tutorials, Workshops, Patterns, and a Surprise!

I've been working hard on a surprise blog series....

Returning readers will have noticed there's been a few changes going on as i've been adding Pages to my blog. As mentioned below there is now a page to buy my Patterns and another to buy my Fabric Paintings (for whole cloth quilt tops).

I've now added two more; one with a full list of all the Free Tutorials I've published both on this blog and my website and another with a list of all the Workshops I'm taking this year. That leaves two more pages to put up soon - quilts for sale and fine art!

I wanted to have current pages in place before I publish some special interest posts that I'm hoping will be a big hit... as this is a teaser i'm not going to say exactly what they are (check back in about 24 hours :)!) but I will say i'm being helped by some of the most talented quilters and textile artists i've ever seen. 

Have I piqued your interest yet? 24 hours.... let the countdown begin!!!

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