Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hand Painted Fabric

Have just added two hand painted fabric pieces for sale for the very first time! (So exciting for me as i've wanted to do this for ages but wasn't sure how to do the payment buttons for unique one off items!)

They are listed in my 'Pages' menu on the RHS, and you can also get there by clicking on the heading above.

Both of these pieces have been painted this week and will look stunning as whole cloth quilt tops or with borders / panels added. They have been painted using iridescent Shiva Sticks which really glow against the black fabric. The cotton is high thread count 'Emma Louise' quilters muslin, which is wonderful to sew and the finer weave helps the colours to really pop.

To quilt you could do absolutely anything - while painting them i was imagining them being stitched with either shiny rayon or metallic threads around the painted lines and then quilted with bright swirls over the entire background. I will do one as a sample when time prevails, probably pillow cased before quilting with no binding and intensively quilted.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more together with a free downloadable PDF file on how to turn them into a quilt for quilting newbies. I'm thinking about offering some as kits with instructions, backing fabric and wadding too - please add in the comments below if you think that's an idea you'd be interested in!

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