Monday, March 8, 2010

One more Fabric Painting added.

I've added one more piece to the Hand Painted Fabric page (link on the RHS or click on the heading above). This one is done on a beautiful, purple, batik fabric I fell so in love with I had to buy the bolt and have painted it with white iridescent Shiva stick. All paintings so far are over 1m square so they maximize impact if used as a wall quilt. If you don't sew they can be stretched over canvas supports like conventional oil paintings too.

I've noticed that adding a PayPal button often puts in unexpected line spacings in different sections of the blog (often far away from where you placed the button). Have also been finding this is enormously exacerbated when I add another item for sale to an already existing page. When I paste the button code I'm also having some page text change in size visually even though the size it's been set to doesn't alter. Have googled to try and find a work around but so far nada. Would love to find one out so if you know of any work arounds please leave a comment below!

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