Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ask me Anything - Artist Interview...

With easter around the corner all the artists i've been regularly hassling (um, I mean politely reminding) to return interview questions are a little busy.

So we can either have a week off - or I can apply the interview questions to myself, which is an easy fill in :)

Would love to get some questions from blog readers - so please, if you have any textile / art related questions you'd like me to answer in the interview let me know! Can be about techniques, any aspect of my artwork or the thoughts behind it.

Please leave questions in the comments section below - you don't need a blog to comment! I will answer everything asked on Friday.



  1. Have had 2 questions so far on the facebook fan page:

    Can you explain why Cotton fabric is recommended over synthetic or blends? - Judy Bancks


    What inspires your quilts? fabric drawings, photos etc – Fran Cox

    Keep them coming!

  2. two more questions left on my facebook page:

    these days good patchwork quality cotton fabric is pre shrunk,and colourfast, so is there any real need to pre wash? - Judy Bancks


    There's so many choices in textile art these days, how do you decide what to try? - Meg Lancaster

    No q's have been asked directly on the blog site - wondering if anyone reads the blog posts without pictures :)

  3. I do!

    I put this one on hold trying to think of some questions. All I could think of is the one I can't think of a good answer to .... where do your ideas come from? I hate that question!

    The only other question I have thought of is .... what are the favourite projects you have completed, how long ago, and why?

    Judy B

  4. Thanks Judy! You have been very, very good for my ego on this blog post :) Now I have a few questions will write up the answers tomorrow (a day later than promised). If anyone wants to leave anymore before then, go ahead!

  5. here's my question that i love to ask fiber artists: which comes first... the fabric, or the creative idea?