Monday, November 19, 2012

Hand Drawn Portraits - Just in time for Christmas!

Want something unique and handmade for a perfect Christmas present this year? I made this one of a kind portrait for my husband for a previous Christmas from a photo we both liked but was a little too blurry to blow up. The 'shades' are created by patterning - denser patterns create the darker areas and more open patterns read as a lighter grey from further away. Up close it's a little abstract with the tiny patterns clearly seen where as from far away it reads as a normal portrait.

The entire piece is hand drawn with black ink. As a special I'm offering a few commissions between now and Christmas for $180 for an A4 and $300 for an A3. (Unframed, ex GST postage extra). Paper will be top quality, acid free art paper.

Please email me to order, I will also need a photo with good contrast between areas as a guide.

Email for more information or to order here.

Now.... to work out what on earth I'm going to get for my hubby this year. Any suggestions?

Framing really does make a difference! This was a $50 frame from IKEA.