Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Quilt Art (and it's for sale!)

Finally finished this wall art landscape quilt! I started it about 3 or 4 years ago in a class at the AQC on painting fabrics with Beth and Trevor Reid, not that I finished up doing any painting in the class, but I did start designing and fusing the landscape and quilting the sky. Typical of me to work on something quite different from the rest of the class.

  'Solcea' 71x85cm (28x33.5")  $375   click pics to enlarge.
Hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics, satin, fusible web, metallic foil, Shiva oil paint sticks, decorative and metallic quilting. Satin grass stitch edging.

The moon is the one I featured in the foiling tutorial on this blog.

I've made up a new page (you'll see it up in the RHS under the 'Pages' heading) called artwork for sale and have made PayPal buttons for each of the pieces I've included so far. More will be added soon!

Would love to find a good home for this piece, there is a hanging tube sewn into the back for easy display and a signed label has been stitched in as well.

Postage is free, as with all artworks on the for sale page. (Mostly because then I don't have to work out how much it would be for different countries!)



  1. It's beautiful, Neroli. Hope it finds a good home.

  2. Thank you Lindi! Your help with the edging made all the difference I'm sure! I wasn't sold on it for awhile after I finished - i seem to love something when I work on it, get a bit apathetic after it's finished and then a couple of weeks later how I feel about it usually sticks. After getting this out and taking photos i've decided I really do like it. Hopefully I picked the right one for the New Quilt exhibition!