Friday, March 5, 2010

Patterns for sale with PayPal - Pattern page up and running!

OMG i've actually managed to use HTML code! It was quite hideous, with at least a few cuffuffles (that's the technical term I'm sure!).

However I've now added a Patterns page to my blog (see it listed under the "Pages" menu on the top RHS there?). This is soon to be followed with a Fabrics page selling hand painted and dyed fabrics, and an Artwork page selling... well you can work that out. :)

Two of my patterns during construction - a close up of Hide and Seek ($23 PDF pattern) on the left before quilting and the Poppy from Lily and Poppy ($6 PDF pattern) before being framed. Click to enlarge.

All Patterns up right now are fused and incredibly easy to do. You don't even need to be able to sew if you're making one of these as wall art - just put it together with fusible web. If you can trace, cut, layout and iron you're good to go!

While my patterns are all up on my website you do need to email me to purchase them that way. On the new page you just click on the PayPal 'add to cart' button, type in the quantity (if you want one for a friend) and when you've added all you're after go through to the next section. You can pay from anywhere in the world, by credit card if you like, and best of all it's totally secure!

I will then be emailed by PayPal with your own email address so I can send out the PDF pattern the next time I'm on the computer. At this stage i've only included PDF versions, if you're after a hard copy it's easily done but you'll need to email me for that.

More patterns will be added soon!

As patterns take a long time to produce (mine are usually photo illustrated, all are at full size, feature tips and tricks and have very detailed instructions to make it easier for even beginners) the pattern price is for your own use only. Please don't make them to sell or forward the file to anyone else. Hide and Seek took me almost a year to put together. (But should only take you 3-4 days to make!) And, quite frankly, I need the dosh!

Hope you like them, would love to hear comments and see any finished versions that are out there!

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