Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My new T-shirt, iPhone case and Print design

After a slow start to the year (my sewing machine is still at the doctors - sob!) I decided to spend some time with my trusty Mac and Photoshop and produce another piece of work for my Redbubble store. The end result is this digitised Aston Martin DB5 from 1964 - I've been assured it's just like James Bond used to drive! 

I started with a pretty average photo I took with my iPhone 4S on Australia day at a vintage car show at the Royal Botanical gardens here in Melbourne. The 4S phone takes a decent photo but the size is never big enough for large format work. I need to either redraw or digitise the pics in a way where they will print high resolution in big sizes. The photo is a half decent one of the car but there are too many reflections and a piece of paper over the steering wheel. Plus I like to get rid of real number plates and the less said about the background the better!!

This was the original photo:
I cut out the car and shadow from the background, erased the number plate and made up my own.

The interior of the car was messy and covered up with the paper so I redrew most of the insides including the steering wheel and the seats and then spent a very long time removing reflections. Those two girls on the side were reflected in about 3 different parts!

A couple of hours later I had this - nicely cleaned up but it's just a photo and lacking some graphic punch. I altered the levels in Photoshop for much greater colour saturation and contrast, applied the 'cutout' filter, rejigged the levels again and reapplied the filter keeping the numberplate as is.