Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Visitor Counter added!

Hey all, found a great site of widgets to add to blogs and web pages etc. Have added the new visitor counter on the bottom of this page from there. (If you want one you can click on the counter).

It doesn't register page hits, but rather individual visitors and where they are from, if you click in the counter it changes to a global map of who's looked from where, how long each place has been on for and where is online right now. I really love the interface and it's so interesting to see where everyone reading is from.

Reminds me that a blog is truly global publishing. :)

I've had over 550 page hits in the last week, which is really encouraging. If there is something you'd like to see on the blog that isn't, or more of a particular type of post would really love to hear from you! (please comment if you have any suggestions).

Some ideas would be patterns (free or otherwise), tutorials (if there's something in particular let me know), lists of tips, design or colour information, works in progress, interviews with quilters (which I hope to start soon), competitions, paintings and other artwork for sale, fabrics etc etc.


  1. Great to find your blog! I love art! I'll be following. Do you have a facebook fan page?


  2. Hi Kelly! Great to have you following - thank you! My fan page is listed up the top under 'web presence' on the RHS of the blog. Would love to have you as a fan!

    If you want to follow my blog on facebook there's a 'networked blogs' widget on the bottom RHS of this page - if you click 'follow this blog on that it allows you to keep up with blogs you're following using a nice clean interface as part of a facebook application. I use it to autmotically link blog updates to my facebook fan page as well as my personal FB page.

  3. have since added another counter that counts each page view, rather then number of individuals who have ever looked at my blog. Kinda of exciting thinking that so many people see my work now, even if quite a few of those click off again straight away.