Monday, February 15, 2010

February Friday Night Sew-in and Giveaway!

After a couple of weeks of really lack lustre motivation I saw the blog linked above (click on the heading) re an online organised Friday night sew in. The idea is that you list yourself as joining in, working on something crafty Friday evening and then on the Saturday post about what you worked on with a photo.

Sounds like a timely motivator for myself! Tonight I did manage to clean up the sewing studio a little with the idea being I will get in there tomorrow and work on some UFO's. (unfinished objects) :)

If you want to join the sew in click on the link above to visit the organisers blog!

My spell checker is telling me I can't spell lustre or organiser because i've used the Australian English spelling. Makes me wonder what other UK / aussies etc do when they blog. If you're not someone who lives in a US english country - what spelling do you use when blogging on the world wide web?


  1. Hi Neroli
    Count me in as my husband is usually fishing.
    Check my blog just adding something tonight.

  2. Hi Neroli, I note that you also have a red bubble site, but your link only opens to the red bubble home page- you might want to attach your actual red bubble personal profile web address, so people can find you easier. I have a red bubble site too ( and a blog), so come and visit me if you have a chance. Cheers from Caroline Martin

  3. Thanks for that Caroline! I think before you had to click on the buy now button, but thanks to your comment i've worked out how to add a link just above the slide show. Am going to view your blog right now. :)