Monday, November 2, 2009

'Scattered' Quilt

I began this quilt in Feb at the AQC in Brenda Gael Smith's improvisational piecing class. It's a basic block design that's been repeated but all cuts are freehand and size varies from block to block. The tricky bit for me was adding spacers and getting them all to fit into basic rows or sections so I could join them together as I still haven't managed to perfect an inset seam (and I don't think it's lack of trying!).

Mostly cotton fabrics with some small sections of silk and satin, cotton sateen for the borders and backing (thanks to a facebook friend for recommending who were so quick with delivery and great value). Quilted with madeira metallics and batted with matilda's own cotton wadding.

This one will probably go up for sale on etsy since that's what i finished up making it for, though as it's my first very large quilt it will be quite hard to part with. (it's about 230 x 220 I think - that's a queen sized bed it's pictured on).


  1. Wonderful!!! And make sure you charge what it is worth on Etsy - none of these op-shop charity prices. Remember - if we don't value our art then who will?
    And before you hit Etsy - check my blog for a recent posting - you will know which one I mean!!!

  2. What a really stunning quilt. I hope you don't sell it too soon and get to enjoy it for a little while first