Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Cover

I hate to admit it but I actually like trashy romance novels :)  I know they probably lower my IQ and I know there are certainly better books out there just waiting to be read... but there's some sort of sinfully easy, guilty pleasure to be had by curling up in bed with an M&B. No matter how tired you are it takes milliseconds to immerse yourself in the plot and you never get that have to read 10 pages thing to be back into it that you do with others.

They're also really good as fluffy bunny sugar material and if I read too many thrillers in a row i start to check the locks several times before bed, so I have to space them out with a couple of fluffy bunny books.

The only bad thing is they are embarrassing to read in public! So I made this book cover to hide my shame when out and about.  Reverse applique, multi layers of synthetics, razzle dazzle thread used for freemotion bobbin work.


  1. You are very clever!!!!
    I do love 'junk food for the brain'!. Every so often, when I am poorly, I come home from the library with about a dozen of them and read them in a week.
    Thi is a great look for public reading!
    Well done,

  2. I'm a Georgette Heyer fan myself, books like that are great when you just want to 'switch off' for a while. That cover is just beautiful.

  3. Lovely book cover, what a great idea!! Have to admit that I am not a M&B fan, serial killer type books by the likes of James Patterson are more my style. And anything about the Tudors - that's another passion. A good book that gets you involved is just wonderful, whatever your preference.

  4. I like james patterson too! but find if i don't do 2 M&B to every JP i start to check the doors locked umpteen times over before I can sleep at night. :)