Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Child Meets and Weekly Review (city edition) - Articles on myself and my I+V+III+I (Stillbirth) quilt

I'm pleased to announce I've just had my very first publicity article published. The AQC use a PR agency and they have been great in maximising the exposure my I+V+III+I (Stillbirth) quilt has received.

The first article is in Q & A format and you can read it online as part of the My Child newsletter and you can read it on their website here.

From today there will also be an article in this weeks edition of the Weekly Review (City Edition) magazine.

I would also like thank my friend Denise Galuoppo for sharing her story with me in such detail and helping me refine the wording of the poem. It's the only way I managed to capture her struggle to have a second child so poignantly in the design of this quilt.

Until next time,

Neroli x

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