Sunday, June 13, 2010

Machine Needle Felting / Embellishing / Dry Felting on Silk Velvet Samples Part 2

Today I set up a bit of white card to bounce the sunlight I had on hand so I could get a photo of the finished test samples up. These are the samples I posted a blog about the construction techniques yesterday (so see blog post below).

Materials are: Silk Velvet, Silk Hankies, Silk Satin snippets and one piece has Angelina Fibre on one end. These finished samples have had the water soluble stabiliser rinsed out and have been lightly hand felted with a little hand soap and hot water and then left to dry flat.

I like the very first trial best where the needle felting is done entirely from the front, that's the first square on the top piece (which has 4 different types of needle felting along the one strip).

Click to enlarge pic

I will be working on a new artist interview soon too so keep your eyes peeled!


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